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Greencass mango premium tea sachets
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Greencass premium mango tea sachets 24g

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Our mango trees are locally grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

Onlyquality leaves are selected for our Greencass premium mango tea sachets.

Our mango tree leaves are air dried to retain nutrient in every leaf.

Benefits of Greencass mango premium tea sachets :-

contains vitamins A, B, & C,

rich in antioxidant, flavonoids, phythonutrients

helps to strengthen blood vessels and helps to treat hypertension,

helps to treat stress, overcome nervousness and refresh the body,

helps to treat kidney and gall stones,

helps to relieve the symptoms of gout,

helps in treating respiratory problems.

How to prepare mango tea leaves ?

1)place the tea sachet into a cup of 250ml of hot water with temperaturebetween 98C to 100C,

2)cover the cup and steep for at least 10 minutes, check to see if the teais well steeped before removing the tea sachet from the cup,

3)ready to drink and enjoy the rich aroma of true mango tea leaves.

Note :-

- to drink after food

- to consume as health supplement tea

Caution :-

- not suitable for prenancy / breast feeding

- please consult your doctor if you are on medication

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