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ASCO-nobm, organic insect repellent 250ml
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ASCO-nobm (liquid concentrated) is an organic insect repellent that consists of useful naturally occurring beneficial microorganism which exist in nature that cultured accordingly to a specific method. It is suitable for fruit trees, herbal plants, vegetables, flowers and greens.

Benefits of using ASCO-nobm (liquid concentrated) :-
1) As foliage application:- 
- to prevent plant pests and diseases

2) As soil application for soil treatment :- 
- to increase beneficial microbial activity
- to prevent insects to lay eggs in the soil
- to promote roots development
- to improve soil structure

How to use ASCO-nobm (liquid concentrated) effectively ?
1) As foliage application :-
Shake gently before dilute half a cap of the ASCO-nobm liquid concentrated to 500ml of chlorine free
water (filter water). The use of filter water and not tap water because tap water contains chlorine which will de-activate the good microorganism. Apply consistently for 2 to 3 times a week by spraying directly and thoroughly onto the plants early in the morning for best result and to prevent leaves scorch.

2) As soil application :-
Shake gently before dilute half a cap of ASCO-nobm liquid concentrated to 500 ml of chlorine free
water and pour to the soil to ensure the solution fully drenches the soil. Do soil treatment consistently for every 8 to 10 days, do not exceeded 10 days for healthy plant growth.

Note : Use immediately after dilution for effective result or use within 4 to 5 days after dilution. ASCO-nobm can be combine with the usage of ASCO Bio Plant Food, ASCO Bio Fruity, ASCO Bio Flower and ASCO Organic Granule Fertilizer for optimum plant growth and development.

Storage :-
Keep in cool place and stay away from direct sunlight.

Precaution :-
Keep away the reach of children.


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